HydroDoc™ Trickling Filter Rotary Distributor

HydroDoc Trickling Filter Rotary Distributor Overview

The HydroDoc™ Trickling Filter Rotary Distributor is the most efficient and best operating rotary distributor available anywhere. Trickling filters can be a reliable part of the efficient operations of wastewater treatment plants. The HydroDoc is completely hydraulically driven, just like our Standard Rotary Distributor.

The HydroDoc has automatically adjusting gates which are pneumatically controlled to open and close the orifices in equal proportion on both sides of the distributor arms. A sensor on the center assembly transmits speed readings to the control box, which automatically adjusts the speed to match the preset operational or flushing program. As flow to the trickling filter varies, the speed is maintained by automatically adjusting the gates over the orifices.

By regulating the dosing through the filter media, the biomass becomes healthy throughout the depth of the trickling filter. A daily flushing cycle cleans the media and flushes dead biomass, leaving an optimally active film on the media. Healthy media results in optimal treatment process.

Over nearly forty years of process engineering experience, WesTech’s focus on process optimization has included improvement of trickling filter performance. The Achilles’ heel of traditional rotary distributors has been that the dosing rate of the flow to the trickling filter has been at the mercy of the hydraulic flow.

Controlling the speed of a rotary distributor and, in turn, controlling the performance of a trickling filter was first practiced in 1983. WesTech has successfully provided hundreds of distributors that offer these process advantages. The HydroDoc makes this process even easier to operate and maintain. Controlling the dosing rate of the trickling filter is the key advantage of the HydroDoc. The HydroDoc turns the tremendous momentum and torque contained in the rotary arms into a mechanical and operational advantage. No longer is there a need to add energy or speed control using a center drive unit. The HydroDoc simply uses the hydraulic energy already present in the trickling filter to control the speed of the distributor.

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