AltaPac™ Ultrafiltration Membrane Package System

Flexible Packaged Ultrafiltration Membrane System for Flow Rates 5 – 350 gpm

The AltaPac™ Ultrafiltration Membrane Package System is designed to be an economical ultrafiltration membrane treatment system that is both easy to use and simple to install. This versatile system can process flows from 5 to 350 gpm. It is guaranteed to reliably produce a high-quality filtrate using durable 0.01-0.1 um membranes. Flanged single-side connections make it so installation can take place in less than a day.

This skid-mounted packaged membrane filtration system includes all pumps, valves, and ancillary components for rapid installation and seamless operation of the equipment. Its complete automation, remote monitoring, low cost, and compact design makes it an ideal choice for industrial applications and small communities. With an efficient layout and three-sided maintenance access, the AltaPac has the lowest footprint of any complete packaged UF system.

These fully automated systems can accommodate redundancy requirements and allow for future expansion, simply by installing additional modules and changing the flow set point.

The systems are fully-functional, self-contained skids that include automated operation and daily integrity tests. The AltaPac contains all the components necessary for a complete and operable water treatment system.

Benefits and Features

  • Low pressure filtration
  • Skid piping, wiring, and testing completed prior to shipment
  • Fast deliveries
  • Technical support
  • Shop-built, packaged units
  • Modular design
  • Automated operation
  • 99.999% cryptosporidium and giardia removal
  • Guaranteed filtrate turbidity of <0.1 NTU
  • Guaranteed SDI <3 for NF/RO pretreatment
  • Flanged, single-side connections for installation in less than a day
  • Toray, Dow, Hydranautics, Inge, Scinor compatible
  • Three-sided access with low footprint
  • Potable water
  • Industrial process water
  • Parks, summer camps, resorts
  • Water recycling and wastewater reuse
  • NF/RO pretreatment
  • Conventional granular media filtration retrofits

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