Ultrafiltration Membrane Systems

Versatile Ultrafiltration Membrane Systems for Potable and Process Water Treatment

WesTech leads the way in the reliable production of membrane systems for high-quality potable and process water. Efficiently designed low-pressure membrane filtration (ultrafiltration / microfiltration) systems use hollow fiber membranes with small pore sizes (0.01-0.1 µm) to reliably produce high quality water using an absolute barrier.

The systems are highly automated and intuitive, removing microbial and viral pathogens, suspended solids, turbidity, particulate metals and coagulated organic matter.

Customers benefit from WesTech’s complete offering of UF process solutions:

Each of these ultrafiltration systems works seamlessly with WesTech’s reverse osmosis equipment options for post-treatment solutions.

Mobile and Containerized UF Units

WesTech offers mobile ultrafiltration solutions to ensure uninterrupted service. These systems allow for quick setup, secure installations, and a flexible rental time period. Permanent installations and containerized options are available.

Containerized ultrafiltration

Solutions for Challenging Retrofit Applications

With extensive experience in retrofit projects, WesTech offers customers creative and cost-conscious solutions to upgrade existing membrane filtration or conventional systems. Options are available for most manufacturers’ systems.

Ultrafiltration retrofit

Integrated Controls with Remote Monitoring

WesTech’s in-house electrical and programming experts provide integrated and intuitive controls for seamless operation and performance monitoring. These intelligent controls simplify the operation with remote monitoring, data analysis, automatic sequencing with alarm protections, and complete plant integration.

Benefits and Features

  • Municipal Drinking Water
  • Wastewater Reuse
  • NF/RO Pretreatment
  • Industrial Process Water
  • Mine Water Remediation
  • Retrofit Systems
  • Over 45 years of engineering expertise
  • Extensive process knowledge
  • Long-term customer service and support
  • Piloting and testing services
  • Strong, fouling-resistant membranes
  • Pre- and post-treatment options
  • Optimized in-house controls
  • Versatility – solutions work with existing equipment

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