WTR® Talon Rake® and Bar Screens

Debris Rake for Traveling Water Screen and Pump Protection

The WTR® Talon Rake® (monorail-based automatic water rake machine) and bar screens are one of the most economical means of protecting downstream equipment such as traveling water screens, drum screens, or pumps. Talon Rakes can be used in all types of applications where debris accumulation on the bar screens is common and protection of downstream equipment is essential.

Coarse debris in the flow can overwhelm and damage rotating screens or cause serious pump issues. Logs, branches, leaves, trash, and common aquatic vegetation can blind various systems. Talon Rakes are designed to automatically clean bar screens and deposit debris at a designated dump location. The dump location is variable and can be off the deck or some distance away. The debris rake cycle can be started automatically by either differential control, built-in timer, plant DCS, or manual initiation. A hand-held manual remote control is also provided to accommodate specific area cleaning or unusual debris removal.

Talon Rakes utilize no permanently submerged moving components. Rakes are typically supported by columns (single or double leg) at various locations for adaptation to new or existing sites. This provides a clear deck and allows direct discharge into debris receptacles. On the start signal, the Talon and Carriage will travel to the first cleaning point, clean a specific area, travel to the discharge location, dump, and return to the next cleaning point. The process is continuous until all designated areas are cleaned.

WTR Engineering, LLC, is a wholly owned subsidiary of WesTech Engineering, as of April 1, 2017. WTR designs and supplies mechanical water filtration equipment, such as raw water and wastewater screening for large flows, for both the municipal and industrial markets, including the power industry.

Benefits and Features

  • Bar screens built to site-specific channel dimensions
  • Bar screens may be individual (fixed or removable) or continuous width
  • Bar screen materials: Carbon steel, stainless steel (304L, 316L, Duplex or other)
  • Talon Rake of galvanized, stainless steel, or aluminum bronze (for hazardous areas)
  • Monorail and columns typically hot dip galvanized steel. SS also available.
  • Monorail provides high strength and protection of carriage drive components.
  • Tracks may be straight or curved to access designated dumping locations.
  • HMI touch screen interface with PLC
  • Instant change of control settings (bays on/off, partial depth, etc.)
  • Display of component status, run times, maintenance requirements, and faults
  • Wireless remote control allows manual movement of rake
  • Adaptable to existing sites with no civil mods
  • Provides uncluttered site arrangement
  • Fully automatic operation and wireless remote
  • Positive bar screen penetration via raking while descending vs. ascending
  • Direct debris discharge with no additional debris handling
  • No permanent moving components below the deck or in the water
  • Dedicated carriage electrification system avoiding windblown festoon loops
  • Positive debris retention by mechanical closure eliminating hydraulics and fluids in the water
  • Specific bar screen or depth cleaning selection
  • Open ended talon for unusually long debris
  • Dual rakes may operate on single monorail
  • Power plant raw water (fossil, nuclear, hydro)
  • Industrial raw water (petrochemical plants, pulp and paper, steel mills, etc.)
  • Pumping stations for land drainage and flood control
  • Irrigation for water distribution
  • Canal and waterway protection
  • Fish hatcheries, bypasses, and diversions
  • Combined stormwater
  • Deep tunnel screening
  • Sewage treatment plants
  • Potable water intakes
  • Water parks
  • Any coarse water filtration application

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