Water Treatment Lab Tests Can Be Eye Opening

Water and Wastewater Laboratory Testing Services

At WesTech, we understand the importance of lab testing in determining an optimal treatment system to fit your individual needs. Proper testing will help determine the right-size equipment for your application, troubleshoot an existing problem, or manage a new contaminant in your treatment system.

Testing is also important to determine correct processes, design parameters, and equipment size for optimal performance, especially for industrial sectors such as mining, power, chemical processing, pulp and paper, and food and beverage. Variations in the quality of influent require more specialized treatments that lab testing can help identify.

Whether your need is for a system in development or troubleshooting and process optimization of installed systems, our lab experts will provide comprehensive reports and discuss the most effective water treatment options for your system.

Expert Analysis, State-of-the-Art Equipment

Our unique capabilities include a breadth of testing solutions as well as experience with over 100 different products that focus on filtration, sedimentation, jar testing, and flotation systems. We can perform bench-scale laboratory testing either at our lab in Salt Lake City, Utah, or at your location when your samples are likely to degrade or not be suitable for shipping.

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WesTech Testing Solutions Include:

  • DAF Testing

    Lab testing helps determine chemical pretreatment, percent recycle, float layer solids concentration, and subnatant clarity.

  • Filtration

    This service helps you determine precoat material, filter cloth, filter cake moisture, polymer screen, and filtrate clarity.

  • Jar Testing

    Our jar testing helps determine chemical pretreatment for coagulation, flocculation, metals removal, and more.

  • Sedimentation

    We provide guidance on equipment decisions related to thickening and clarification.

Use Pilot Testing to Evaluate New Treatment Processes With Minimal Risk

Pilot testing is another way to validate the feasibility of your treatment decision. It allows you to study the characteristics of your raw water, trial the proposed equipment and treatment process, and provide an authentic process check to comply with state regulations. The WesTech pilots are precise replications of full-scale equipment, allowing the most complete data collection to influence a full installation.

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