Dissolved Air Flotation Testing

What Can Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF) Testing Do for You?

With bench-scale DAF testing, we can size a DAF clarifier/thickener based on the slurry that will be fed to the DAF tank. Testing allows us to measure physical attributes of the interaction of the solid and liquid portions of a slurry with the dissolved air.

Percent Recycle Determination

The clarified liquid produced from the slurry is used as the medium to provide the dissolved air to the DAF tank. This liquid is pressurized and referred to as the recycle water. Our testing determines the ratio of recycled water volume to slurry volume needed for optimal performance.

Float Layer Solids Concentration

In bench-scale testing, we determine the expected concentration of the float layer in a full-scale DAF unit. A skimmer removes the layer of solids that floats to the top of a DAF tank.

Subnatant Clarity

The liquid below the floated solids layer is the subnatant. With ports built into the side of the DAF testing equipment, a portion of the subnatant can be removed to determine its clarity.

Other Testing Solutions

  • Filtration

    This service helps you determine precoat material, filter cloth, filter cake moisture, polymer screen, and filtrate clarity.

  • Jar Testing

    Our jar testing helps determine chemical pretreatment for coagulation, flocculation, metals removal, and more.

  • Sedimentation

    We provide guidance on equipment decisions related to thickening and clarification.

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