Pilot Plants Help Meet Regulations and Validate Water Treatment Solutions

Water and Wastewater Treatment Pilot Plants

A pilot can provide clear evidence of the feasibility of a proposed plan of approach. You can study the treatability of raw water, determine operating parameters, and optimize an efficient full-scale process design. Data can be evaluated for a specific period of time and used to scale the solution appropriately, ensuring the effectiveness and impact of the system before the design is finalized and installation begins. Collected information will also help you comply with state regulations and make smart buying decisions for a cost-effective operation.

When WesTech designs pilot plants, detailed attention is given to the precise process replication of full-scale equipment. We look at the overall plant size, flow rate, and process engineering before proposing a scaled solution for your specific plant. The engineering team creates a comprehensive pilot protocol to facilitate the best data collection.

We use bench-scale studies to help with the selection of the proper equipment and to determine the chemistry requirements for a new contaminant. Our experienced team of technicians will set up, train, and perform on-site pilot studies to ensure the success of your proposed solution before a final decision is made.

WesTech Pilot Solutions Include:

  • Single or multi-step processes
  • Quality designs
  • Broad range of available equipment
  • Experienced technicians
  • Follow-up reports
  • Worldwide installations
  • Rentals for temporary use

Pilot Systems Are Available for the Following Applications:

  • Industrial Wastewater

    Validating treatment technologies for challenging waters and best design solutions

  • Municipal Wastewater

    Trialing new solutions while minimizing regulatory or environmental concerns

  • Municipal Water

    Testing technology for new or upgraded plants without endangering drinking water

Critical Research for a Confident Decision

Lab testing can help you choose the most cost-effective and efficient water treatment options. Whether you need to right-size equipment, solve an existing problem, or manage an emerging contaminant, testing can help. Don’t overlook this step. We offer lab testing experience that will provide important insights for your project.

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