Full-Service Plant Operations and Maintenance

Responsible Water Treatment Plant Services

Municipalities and industrial organizations are challenged to control the quality of discharge water that seeps from their ponds into groundwaters and flows from their plants into nearby waterways. Some organizations must control the quality of makeup water for internal processes, while others must control the quality of water they deliver to external customers.

To meet increasingly strict discharge standards and requirements, and to plan for long-term water sustainability, organizations must:

  • React quickly to changing and existing regulations
  • Embrace environmental stewardship
  • Adopt new technologies
  • Hire and train qualified personnel

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Operations Contracts Reduce Staffing Challenges

Hiring new and training existing staff can be difficult and expensive. Faced with finding qualified personnel to operate and maintain water and wastewater treatment plants, organizations find that:

  • A large percentage of today’s operators have less than two years of experience.
  • Many experienced operators are facing retirement within a few years.
  • In certain locations, competition has led to a deficit in qualified personnel.
  • Most projects are temporary, three to 10 years, reducing the return on organizations’ staffing and training investment.

Given these difficulties and the knowledge that establishing plant operations often requires up to three years, many organizations have begun outsourcing their water and wastewater treatment plant operations to professionals.

Outsourcing and contracting are calculated financial options that take into account the challenge of hiring new people, the learning curve and risks of training inexperienced operations staff, and the financial and reputational costs associated with failing to comply with effluent regulations.

Outsourcing also enables organizations to structure performance-based contracts wherein they don’t pay operations costs if contractors fail to deliver the quality and quantity of water in their contracts.

Plant and Operations Services

Regulatory Compliance Requires More Than Equipment

WesTech Plant Operations and Services professionals eliminate the challenge of finding and hiring the right people with the right training and skills. As an equipment manufacturer and solutions provider, WesTech is uniquely qualified to:

  • Optimize wastewater treatment plant operations and water treatment plant operations
  • Optimize makeup water treatment operations
  • Provide full-service water and wastewater treatment plant maintenance
  • Identify and provide the best equipment for each application
  • Oversee plant construction
  • Provide real-time feedback and operational data

Our professionals have full access to equipment experts. They are cross trained to provide every aspect of water and wastewater treatment plant operations – from the required chemistry, to meeting discharge limits, to providing equipment operations and maintenance.

Their training and experience enable them to:

  • Oversee system construction
  • Avoid potential safety hazards
  • Optimize system performance
  • Minimize chemical consumption
  • Serve as a single point of responsibility
  • Provide sampling and reporting services

Plant Operations and Services experts are available for short-term, cyclical, and ongoing engagements in both water and wastewater treatment plant operations, allowing organizations to meet discharge requirements with an elegant turnkey solution that gives them peace of mind and the opportunity to focus on their core business.

WesTech Operations


  • Quick turnkey solutions at monthly or per-gallon rates
  • Single point of responsibility for meeting water-quality requirements
  • Full responsibility for water and wastewater treatment plant operations team staffing
  • On-site training for existing operations staff
  • A flexible, innovative, personalized approach
  • Liability protection for water quality and discharge limits
  • Effluent and safety compliance
  • Reliable, tenured, certified water and wastewater treatment plant operations engineers and technicians
  • Best-practice assessments
  • Full water and wastewater treatment plant services
  • Optimal system operations
  • Quick-to-respond experts on hand
  • Mobile and temporary systems available
  • Remote monitoring


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