Reducing Risk With Single-Source System Implementation

Turnkey EPC Water Treatment Solutions

Need help planning and executing large capital projects? Our clients have found great value in using a single-source solution for their water treatment needs. Partner with WesTech for a full-scale implementation that prioritizes performance, schedule, and safety. With a single point of responsibility, you’ll reduce the risk of delays and cost overruns from design changes that hold-up delivery.

We begin with feasibility studies, lab testing, and front-end engineering to ensure that you get a quality system within a competitive price range and timeframe. Then, our experienced team develops a comprehensive project-execution plan that meets your most challenging water and wastewater system needs, including full design, equipment supply, installation, startup, and operations.

We have executed engineer-procure-construct (EPC) turnkey projects worldwide, in a variety of industries. We also have a long history in equipment engineering for the water and wastewater industry. By relying on this strong combination of WesTech’s in-house engineers and treatment equipment, you can rest assured that your project will go smoothly.

Working with WesTech:

  • Shortens timelines
  • Lowers capital and operating costs
  • Places an emphasis on operability and maintenance
  • Optimizes plant processes

Partnering With You for Collaborative Delivery

When you work with WesTech as your EPC, we maintain a close collaboration with you for the design of the water treatment plant. The integration of project team members takes place early and often – the design and construction teams work closely with the owner from the very beginning of planning.

This planning and communication effort creates a better-managed schedule with phasing and critical path items incorporated into construction documents. Collaborative delivery teams do not necessarily make decisions based on the lowest bid but on the most skilled, experienced, and innovative suppliers.

Collaborative delivery results in:

  • Fewer delays
  • Fewer change orders
  • A more efficient and accurate procurement process

Partner with us for strategic oversight of the entire project and a customized, cost-effective solution engineered for the site conditions of your individual project. Our offerings include:

Front-End Engineering Design (FEED)

You need detailed information to know if your proposed solution will work. WesTech can analyze industry-standard indicators to test the feasibility of the solution while controlling costs, optimizing the design, and confirming the project execution strategy.

Having access to an in-house testing laboratory and an extensive fleet of piloting equipment will help you determine the feasibility of a project, equipment size, and operating parameters before a full-scale system design is created. WesTech’s front-end engineering and design (FEED) teams provide in-depth analysis of all potential options that can meet your desired outcomes.

WesTech has extensive experience working with the permitting associated with water treatment projects. We can help our customers easily navigate the equipment and logistics that their discharge permits may require.

System Engineering

The influence of system engineering on project construction and lifecycle cost is significant. Regular communication between the engineering, procurement, construction (EPC) team as the design process begins means challenges are resolved early, minimizing the chance of design re-work. It also allows for changes before the actual construction starts.

Customers will receive planning advice and engineering documents. These include complete civil and mechanical engineering design and process analysis. WesTech’s holistic approach to plant design provides seamless integration from start to finish of the treatment process.

Equipment Supply

Procurement is an integral part of the turnkey process. Our engineers communicate their design material requirements to estimators who work with the procurement group to make sure those materials are sourced and paid for. Our specialists provide purchasing, logistics, receiving, and invoicing to ensure your project’s materials are high quality and cost effective.

With equipment supplied by WesTech, your plant will have single-source equipment integration for your entire process train. The equipment spans a wide range of capabilities, from filtration, thickening, and minerals processing to turnkey and even rental solutions.

Construction and Installation

Our EPC group carefully oversees the construction of your project, taking into account the prior work done by engineering and procurement. We take time to truly understand you and your priorities and will go the extra mile to deliver reliable, flexible solutions.

Construction management foresees possible issues and corrects them before breaking ground. Key areas of expertise for WesTech include erection of tanks, installation of equipment, and development of electrical connections.

The seamless integration between one manufacturer and one contractor is an advantage for retrofits or projects that require process integrity. We provide installation logistics, site supervision, and cost oversight.

For plant installation, WesTech combines decades of practical experience and technical skills for on-site implementation of the EPC work. WesTech is ISO 9001 certified and our experience guarantees you will receive correct installation of the process equipment in your plant.

Process Startup

WesTech engineers and field service technicians stay on-site for the duration of the project, providing start up expertise and customer support for plant optimization.

We offer a holistic, standardized approach to commissioning and startup focused on delivering the greatest returns, safely, and efficiently. We will be there to evaluate systems and make adjustments, targeting key deadlines for the facility to go online.

Operations and Maintenance

We are committed to making sure your plant reaches its maximum potential. Inefficient operations at your plant cost you money, so our experienced engineers troubleshoot equipment and processes to make sure that plant performance is at its peak.

Water and wastewater treatment experts provide equipment, manpower, and ongoing maintenance for a complete solution. They are trained in every aspect of treatment plant operations – from the required chemistry, to meeting discharge limits, to providing equipment operations and maintenance.

Turnkey system engineering

Case Studies

With our turnkey projects, you can meet required discharge limits without having to coordinate with multiple resources for an overall process solution.

Complete FGD Installation

At a power facility in the Midwest, WesTech successfully provided all of the necessary turnkey deliverables for FGD treatment, from initial process and instrumentation diagrams, conceptual equipment layout, equipment supply, and wet commissioning to effluent discharge with contaminants below permit limits. The WesTech design-build team has helped numerous power stations like this one across the globe by providing treatment to remove sulfates and heavy metals from their waste streams. The treated water is then safely discharged into local receiving water bodies or recycled in the station.

Our design-build projects closely integrate design and construction, providing significant customer efficiencies and time savings.

Fast-Track Design-Build Wastewater Treatment Plant

After a tragic fire destroyed much of a refinery, WesTech provided a replacement wastewater treatment system that now allows the refinery effluent water to be recycled back through the system. The design, equipment fabrication, and installation were provided in an astonishing six-month period, allowing the refinery to once again begin production.


WesTech turnkey systems have seamlessly integrated into a variety of demanding applications:


  • Ash pond dewatering treatment
  • Flue gas desulfurization (FGD) treatment
  • Demineralized water treatment
  • Geothermal systems
  • Zero liquid discharge (ZLD) systems


  • Raw water treatment systems
  • Oil/water separation treatment systems
  • Biological wastewater treatment systems


  • High-rate thickening systems
  • Paste thickening systems
  • Counter-current decantation (CCD) systems
  • Mine water treatment


  • Biological wastewater treatment systems

Municipal wastewater


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