Wastewater Treatment Solutions for Coal Fired Power Plants

Need to Meet CCR and ELG Requirements? Take Advantage of Our Expertise in Wastewater Treatment for the Power Industry

If you're involved with coal-fired power plants' wastewater process updates needed to meet new EPA regulations, including the Disposal of Coal Combustion Residuals from Electric Utilities (CCR rule) and the revised effluent limitation guidelines (ELGs), WesTech can help.

  • Water redirection process solutions to move toward CCR compliance: Clarifiers, Filters, Thickeners, Dewatering
  • Phys-chem process solutions to meet ELG requirements: Clarifiers, Filters, Thickeners, Dewatering, Filtration
  • Process solutions for ash pond closure: Mobile RapiSand Unit, Pressure Filters, Ultrafiltration, Chemical Feed, Operations

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