Oil Sands

Expert Water Treatment Processes Are Necessary to Unlock the Potential Wealth of Energy Reserves in Oil Sands Deposits

Oil sands – or more accurately bituminous sands – are unconventional petroleum deposits saturated with a tarlike substance known as bitumen. They represent a vast wealth of world energy reserves and rival traditional energy sources in quality and availability.

Separating the bitumen from the sand, soil, and other debris can be intense; however, extraction technologies for this important resource have become increasingly more efficient. We have worked with many companies on the leading edge of oil sands extraction. Whether your operation is engaged in steam assisted gravity drainage (SAGD) or open pit sands mining, we have accumulated the expertise necessary to provide water and wastewater treatment solutions that align with the processes you are using. We are ideally positioned to be a key partner for your new projects and plant upgrades.

Oil Sands Flow Sheets


Oil Sands Extraction Process