Meet Regulatory Standards for Energy and Power

Power and Energy Water and Wastewater Treatment Solutions

What exactly does water have to do with power generation? Actually, quite a bit. Generating power from combustible sources, such as nuclear, natural gas, and even coal produce a lot of heat. If the heat isn’t dissipated, the plant risks shutdown, and no one wants the lights to go out. Keeping things cool takes large flows of water, typically from nearby rivers, lakes, or oceans. Frequently, those flows require pretreatment, and of course, once used, the power wastewater needs treatment.

We engineer water and wastewater process solutions for the power industry, including water pretreatment, cooling tower makeup, and water treatment. Our ultrafiltration pretreatment guarantees a silt density index of less than 3, protecting downstream reverse osmosis processes. Our solutions are ISO 9001:2015 certified and provide a true turnkey experience. We stand ready to meet your deadlines and assure minimal downtime with focused service for your power wastewater treatment needs.

Power and Cogeneration

Our society has demanding energy needs amidst a growing climate crisis. Cogeneration adds efficiency to conventional power stations and the opportunity to generate heat and hot water from the excess produced. This not only adds cost savings, it reduces emissions and the plant’s carbon footprint.

We can help design a water treatment solution to make sure the final waste stream has the quality needed for reuse. Treatment may include ion exchange or reverse osmosis, filtration, flocculation, oxidation, scrubbing, precipitation, thickening, and dewatering.

Zero Liquid Discharge

Discharge requirements for industrial wastewater are becoming stricter. Many companies are moving to zero liquid discharge (ZLD) systems.

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