Demineralization of Boiler Feed Water

Clean Feed Water Reduces Chemical Treatment and Ensures Steam Quality

For industrial processes that require a boiler, it’s essential that the feed water is treated to generate quality steam. Both high-or low-pressure boilers benefit from treatment plans that help reduce fouling, scaling, and corrosion and avoid expensive repairs and potential downtime.

A treatment system would typically include steps such as filtration, membrane filtration, reverse osmosis, and ion exchange or electrodeionization. These technologies remove dissolved solids, suspended solids and organic material that can shorten the boiler equipment lifecycle and operating costs. With WesTech’s years of experience and broad expertise, you can be confident you’ll get the best solution for your boiler water pretreatment.

Boiler Feed Pretreatment Flow Sheets


Process Solutions for Boiler Pretreatment


Many waters require pretreatment prior to demineralization systems to reduce the amount of suspended solids. Pretreatment typically includes some type of filtration and, depending on the source water, may also include a clarification step. Some of the equipment WesTech commonly uses for pretreatment includes:


Demineralization uses membrane and/or ion exchange processes to remove dissolved solids. Systems WesTech offers include:

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