Compliance and Water Recovery in the Metals Industry

Metals and Steel Wastewater Treatment Solutions

Removing toxic heavy metals, such as chromium, from industrial wastewater is a top concern for metals and steel industries, such as airline and auto production facilities. The water is mostly used for cooling, dust scrubbing, and descaling. Finding better solutions to conserve and recycle the water is the key to minimizing environmental impact and increasing the bottom line. Efficient handling of the wastewater can improve operational efficiencies, which reduce overall water demand.

While significant water is needed in metals and steel industries for cooling and manufacturing, optimized treatment trains using WesTech liquid/solids separation equipment can assure that most of the water is conserved to be reused for production processes. Examples of our projects in this industry include treating water to remove coking contaminants, correcting pH in mill waste streams, and the removal of scale, oil, and other impurities in continuous casting wastewater collection systems.

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