Coal Mining and Preparation

Maximize Coal Mining Efficiency By Allowing for Prepared Coal

Most coal mine preparation processes require large quantities of water. To retain this useable water, the coal is separated from inert materials using flotation that yields wastewater rich in coal fines. Before it can be reused in the plant or discharged, the solids need to be removed from this contaminated water.

WesTech’s coal preparation technologies clean and separate coal-rich matter from mineral-rich particles by size. This preparation increases the quality and commercial value of saleable coal by reducing 75-80 percent of the ash and reducing 15-80 percent of the trace elements.

By using prepared coal, transportation costs are lowered, and the need for combustion ash disposal is cut way down. The processes we employ boost the efficiency of coal mining by making prepared coal a viable option.

Coal Mining and Preparation Flow Sheets


Coal Mine Water Preparation Treatment and Solutions