Solids-Removal Processes to Elevate Wastewater Quality

Municipal Clarification

WesTech’s primary and secondary clarifiers are synonymous with innovative solutions that provide the flocculation, sedimentation, and clarification processes necessary to produce quality effluent that meets your applications’ needs and regulatory requirements.

Primary Clarification

In primary clarification, a portion of the suspended solids and organic matter is removed from the wastewater. This removal is usually accomplished with physical operations such as sedimentation. The effluent from primary clarification will ordinarily contain organic matter and have notable BOD. The principle function of primary clarification is to be a precursor to secondary clarification.

Following primary clarification, the treated water is suitable for many agricultural and industrial uses. However, it will require further treatment to be suitable for municipal uses.

Secondary Clarification

We offer a variety of options for secondary clarification – a necessary step for municipal applications where organic matter and BOD in waters from primary clarifiers must be removed. WesTech provides a range of solutions to meet this need, including conventional layouts with separate flocculation and clarification, and combination units such as solids contact clarifiers and high-rate processes that can squeeze into smaller footprints

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