Inorganics and Grit Removal

Effectively screening inorganics and removing grit improves the effectiveness of your downstream processes and your equipment’s longevity. The more debris and grit you can remove, the more efficient your downstream equipment and processes will become. WesTech's experience and service-driven approach will help you find the right solutions and get the most out of your headworks while saving time and money.

Our expert Aftermarket / Parts and Services team continues to fully support the following discontinued products, including exact replacements and expansion projects: CleanFlo™ SHEAR™ Rotary Drum Screen, Shafted Grit Screw Classifier, and Vortex Grit Chamber.

Important Info

As of January 2021, WesTech discontinued new sales in most of our headworks equipment line for municipal wastewater applications. Support for all current installations and some legacy headworks equipment will be provided through our dedicated Aftermarket / Parts and Services team.

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