Water Is Essential, and So Are You

You’re Essential

Providing crucial clean water during these unprecedented times has been a unique challenge. Together, we have experienced a host of societal, cultural, and health crises. We are amazed at your dedication and grateful to those of you who work at the forefront of the water industry to make the world a better place. You have consistently delivered uninterrupted service that people count on every day.

It hasn’t been easy.

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The WesTech Team Is Behind You

You have been a critical part of these essential water services, and the team at WesTech appreciates our strong relationship through these difficult times.

The global effort to produce clean water – to maintain community health, to protect important environmental resources, to keep important industries operating – requires all of our attention and all of our participation. We are here to support and partner with you in these efforts.

Essential Resources

  • Vital Parts and Services

    Access to the right parts and services provides a lifeline when your equipment goes down. WesTech is ready to provide advice on preventative maintenance, field services, and quality replacement parts for many types of equipment. For urgent requests, we commit to respond within 24 hours.

  • Critical Operations

    Our team of experienced operators is there for you – whether it’s to meet a short-term emergency or a longer-term commitment. These certified operators have expertise that extends to process optimization, with the strength and know-how of our equipment experts behind them.

  • Temporary Mobile and Rental Solutions

    Whatever the challenge, a temporary mobile solution may be just what you need. WesTech has a fleet of mobile equipment that can help bridge the gap when there is a break in treatment, providing either temporary or emergency back-up.

Watch Our Water Currents Video Series About Essential Water Solutions

Although we can’t meet in person right now, we want to make sure we stay in touch. Through our new videos, we introduce you to our water industry experts, who will give you information to benefit your operations.

Our Water Currents series will spark thought and conversation about what it takes to provide this essential service.

Latest Video

Flexible Systems That You Can Combine and Recombine

Brett Housley, discusses the flexibility, customization, and scalability of our modular systems and explains how they meet challenging water treatment needs.

Explore More Videos

  • The Mobile Advantage

    In this video, Brett Housley, Mobile and Temporary group leader, explains the different applications for – and advantages of – incorporating rental and modular systems. You’ll also learn about how these systems fit within larger treatment processes and the additional services offered by WesTech to keep operations safe and effective.

  • Important Considerations When Choosing a Digester Cover

    In this brief video, Matt Williams, PE, compares the economics of different types of digester covers and examines safety considerations of membrane gas holders – listen for his vivid illustration!

  • Mixer Considerations for an Anaerobic Digestion Retrofit

    In this episode of Water Currents, our applications engineer, Yasmine Boudhaouia-Meehan, answers three questions about retrofitting your anaerobic digester: Can you put a new mixer onto existing tanks? Why choose a draft tube mixer? What sets the ExtremeDuty™ sludge mixer apart from others in the market?

  • Anaerobic Digestion Explained

    Wondering how anaerobic digestion can add value to your wastewater plant? In this episode of Water Currents, we talk with engineer Yasmine Boudhaouia-Meehan about the basics of anaerobic digestion: required equipment, credibility, and valuable byproducts.

  • Retrofit Your Aging Digester

    In this episode of Water Currents, we talk with our applications engineer, Yasmine Boudhaouia-Meehan, about how easy and beneficial it is to replace an aging digester cover with a DuoSphere™ dual membrane gas holder. She explains that you can gain 2-3 times more gas storage and describes a digester project that was transformative for an Upstate New York community.

  • How Ultrafiltration Differs from Reverse Osmosis

    With the use of cutaway membrane models, Lindsay Housley, PE, answers three questions about why you might use ultrafiltration membranes along with reverse osmosis to fully treat your industrial wastewater or to soften your municipal drinking water. UF or RO or both, which is right for you?

  • How UF Membranes Treat Mine Wastewater

    By answering just three questions, Dan Dye, PE, sheds light on using ultrafiltration membranes for mine water treatment and explains his elation about selenium removal from the groundwater at a phosphorus mine. (Hint: The treatment was so effective that almost all of the water was able to be reintroduced into a nearby trout stream.)

  • Is It Time to Consider a Retrofit?

    Should you retrofit your ultrafiltration membrane? Our Applications Engineer Melissa Nichols, PE, draws on her extensive experience to answer three questions to help you plan for your ultrafiltration retrofit.

  • Retrofit Your Existing Ultrafiltration Equipment

    If you are new to ultrafiltration, this video will help you learn more about the technology. Applications Engineer Melissa Nichols, PE, describes how ultrafiltration fits into a standard treatment plant, the most effective applications for ultrafiltration, and what you gain by retrofitting aging membranes.

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