Water is Essential, and So Are You

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You’re Essential

Providing crucial clean water during these unprecedented times has been a unique challenge. Together, we have experienced a host of societal, cultural, and health crises. We are amazed at your dedication and grateful to those of you who work at the forefront of the water industry to make the world a better place. You have consistently delivered uninterrupted service that people count on every day.

It hasn’t been easy.

The WesTech Team is Behind You

You have been a critical part of these essential water services, and the team at WesTech appreciates our strong relationship through these difficult times.

The global effort to produce clean water — to maintain community health, to protect important environmental resources, to keep important industries operating — requires all of our attention and all of our participation. WesTech is here to support and partner with you in these efforts.

Vital Parts and Services

Access to the right parts and services provides a lifeline when your equipment goes down. WesTech is ready to provide advice on preventative maintenance, field service help, and quality replacement parts for many types of equipment. For urgent requests, we commit to respond within 24 hours. Consult our parts and services resources for more information about how our parts and services will be there for you.

Critical Operations

Our team of experienced operators is there for you – whether it’s to meet a short-term emergency or a longer-term commitment. These certified operators have expertise that extends to process optimization, with the strength and know-how of our equipment experts behind them. It allows them to put that knowledge and experience behind you in these difficult times.

Check out our resource page to learn more about our plant operations and services offerings and how our experts can help you.

Temporary Mobile and Rental Solutions

Whatever the challenge, a temporary mobile solution may be just what you need. WesTech has a fleet of mobile/rental equipment that can help bridge the gap when there is a break in treatment, providing either temporary or emergency back-up.

The WesTech mobile water and wastewater treatment solutions page has more detail about what we can do for you. Be sure to look at our mobile rental resources page as well.


Which Essential Challenge Can We Help You Solve

Need to talk to one of our team about which solution is right for you?