Critical Operations

Resources – Critical Operations

During challenging times, one potential option for treatment plants that need an efficient, cost-effective, and reliable solution is to outsource plant operations to a services company, allowing them to focus on what they do best. As a trusted solutions provider, WesTech offers opportunities for design-build systems, pilots and testing, mobile/rental units, and plant operations. WesTech is ready to partner with you in keeping your plant operations at maximum efficiency.

These solutions eliminate the challenge of finding and hiring the right people with specialized training and skills and allow organizations to focus on their core businesses.

Our operations experts have inside knowledge and access to equipment engineers and can come on-site to provide equipment and manpower for a complete solution. They are cross trained to provide every aspect of water and wastewater treatment plant operations – from the required chemistry, to meeting discharge limits, to providing equipment operations and maintenance.

Below you will find some additional information about how, where, and when our plant operations and services have been implemented.

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